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The Daisy Cowboys (1911) Story : There was some excitement among the cowboys on the Walworth cattle ranch when it became known that Millie Easton, Mr. Walworth's beautiful niece, was coming direct from New York for a few weeks' stay. Millie arrives in the old stage coach during a downpour of rain, but that doesn't in the least dampen the ardor of the cowboys. Among them is bashful Joe, who falls head over heels in love with Millie, but is too timid to tell her so. He does muster up courage enough, however, to write her a note confessing his love, begging her to meet him at a given hour and signs himself, "A Cowboy Admirer." The girl, inclined to be romantic, writes an agreeable note in reply, requesting her unknown cowboy admirer to wear a daisy in order that she may distinguish him from the others. By some hook or crook this epistle does not reach bashful Joe, but instead, falls into the bands of the rest of the cowboys. They surmise for whom the message is intended and see an opportunity to have some fun at Joe's ... Written by Moving Picture World synopsis .

Genre : Short, Comedy Quality : 4K / 1080p Release : 9 December 1911 (USA) Languages : English Location : Country : USA Production : Edison Company